Health and Safety Measures

We have welcomed students and teachers onsite as we have recommenced face-to-face programs. We are confident the following altered arrangements along with our health and safety response provides a safe learning environment for all staff and students.


Planning for Altered Arrangements



Bus Terminal



School Group Restriction

Monash Tech School has resumed delivery onsite as face-to-face programs recommence. Our approach is in keeping with the Victorian Chief Health Officer's health and safety advice for schools, the Department of Education and Training's School Operations Guide, and Monash University's on-campus OHS measures.

Where required, a dedicated CDC Charter Bus to transport students from school to the Monash University Bus Loop. Students will exercise physical distancing at the interchange and will walk the 100m to Monash Tech School circumventing the intermediate buildings.

Staff are asked to exercise social distancing on busses.

Students will stay within the Monash Tech School facility from arrival to departure.

Only single and double classes from one year level and one partner school will be booked to attend Monash Tech School each day.

Programming will be across 2 consecutive days.


Health Check & Access

Symptom Check

Building Access

Facility Access

Employee Health

Our operating arrangements function in partnership with students' classroom teachers who maintain their duty of care for their students.

On entry students will be asked to declare any symptoms and to inform their classroom teacher or a Monash Tech School facilitator if symptoms exist or develop throughout the day.

Access to Building 6, 29 Ancora Imparo Way is restricted.

Access is also restricted to the Monash Tech School facility (Level 1).

Other than cleaners, no University personnel are permitted to enter our facility during program delivery periods.

Employee health is paramount and staff that show any symptoms however mild will seek medical advice and get tested.


Safety Measures


Physical Distancing


Air Flow

Hand Washing

Hand Sanitisers

Routine First Aid

Extended and increased cleaning arrangements are in place.

Monash Tech School has undertaken its annual deep clean.

An early morning clean is followed by a progressive clean throughout the day.

Physical distancing measures are in place among adults at Monash Tech School. The mixing of non-program staff and students is avoided where possible.

Air flow is constantly monitored by the Building Automation System.

Students attending will be required to practise hand hygiene as they enter and exit the Tech School, transition between Learning Spaces, use the bathrooms, and before and after equipment is used.

Commercial grade no-touch alcohol-based low-irritant hand sanitisers are located in key points throughout the facility.

First Aid cabinets are located throughout the facility, school teachers are expected to still carry first aid kits as part of their school's standard excursion policy. Standard precautions will be followed for infection control.


Clear Expectations

Health Information and Contacts

Bring Water Bottle

Bring Packed Recess and Lunch

Orderly Behaviour

Health and Wellbeing

Student health information and parent or carer contact details should be up to date. The accompanying teachers should have these on hand.

Students should bring their own water bottle for use at Monash Tech School. Refill taps are located throughout the facility.

Students should also bring a packed recess and lunch. It is not possible to leave the facility to obtain food.

Orderly behaviour is expected of students as they move through the facility as traffic corridors are narrow.

Any staff or student that becomes unwell is to return home. Students will be isolated and need to be collected by a parent or carer as a precaution.

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