Online Programs

Our online offerings are structured to simulate real-world STEM industry design processes, bringing Monash Tech School expertise to your classroom.

What are Online Programs?

Online Programs introduce students to computer-based digital tools to design solutions for complex problems. 


We ask questions like, ‘How can the digital landscape help your community through hardships that occurrences like social distancing can create?’, and through a series of webinars and resources, we guide students through the process of ideation and design. Our Online Programs bring creative and critical thinking, humanities subjects, and STEM learning to the classroom. 


Please note that these programs are only available to government schools in the City of Monash area.

  • 3D Making with TinkerCAD

    A focused 3D design sprint, to produce an implant or wearable, using a free 3D designing app.


  • Investigate Like A Researcher Challenge

    A research design program teaching students to analyse and interpret data surrounding their, in-program, developed research questions. 

  • Sciencing
    at Home

    An enquiry approach to hands-on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Sciences activities.

  • Logical Brain Teasers

    Students will explore syllogisms and the underlying logic of language statements to judge whether an argument is valid.

  • Designing Digital Locks

    Using logic gates, Truth Tables, Boolean algebra, and finite state machines, students will design a digital circuit for a safe lock. 

  • VCE Business Management

    A  program helping students complete Unit 2 in VCE Business Management. Students will develop knowledge of key considerations during the establishment phase of a business’s life.

  • Covid, can you Fold It?

    Using Fold It, a game based scientific research initiative, students will contribute to various real-world research projects.

  • Designing Experiences in Virtual Reality

    Year levels 7-10 undertake designing and testing a VR experience using Unity. 

  • Creating with CoSpaces

    A CoSpaces tutorial introducing students to the possibilities of design within 3D environments.

  • Modelling with Minecraft

    Year levels 8-10 students will produce 3D digital structures using Minecraft following a STEM theme. 

  • Required Reading - A Podcast

    We’re here to help students understand what they’re reading and why it matters. Each episode analyses a book: communication styles, tools etc. 

  • The Next Pandemic

    Teachers and students can utilise a special recording of the Convergence Science Network's seminar, 'The Next Pandemic: A Hypothetical' as a resource for further study/research.

  • The Past, Present and Future of COVID-19

    Using this resource you will be able to utilise an exclusive recording of the webinar 'The Past, Present, and Future of COVID-19' provided by our partner Convergence Science Network.

  • Ethics of Innovation: Critical Thinking for the Future

    Student driven strategising, considering ethically ambiguous questions, using critical reasoning skills.

  • Design Thinking Entrepreneurship

    A challenge integrating student's content knowledge with Design Thinking and employability skills, to create viable solutions to real-world problems.

  • Puzzling Play: Online Escape Room Design

    This program introduces escape rooms to students, allowing them to create one online. Using critical and creative thinking they will design the puzzles and develop a theme.


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