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Investigating World-Changing Careers

Career Launchpad: World Changers successfully brought together 119 students, 12 teachers and 44 industry professionals to create the largest Industry Immersion Monash Tech School has delivered to date.

Career Launchpad provides a platform for students to engage with multiple industry professionals through fast-paced networking-style interviews. Years 9 to 12 students from Brentwood, Highvale, South Oakleigh, Wellington, and Wheelers Hill Secondary Colleges bought their best questions and wonderings to several professionals from various industries.

Small groups of students participated in 15 rotations where they unpacked a new professional's career and study pathway each time. The discussions allowed students to take the lead in the interview process to discover all that they wanted to know about each professional's industry and career.

With a theme of World Changers, we invited a variety of industry professionals who work to make a difference in the world. Professionals attended from impactful sectors such as sustainability, health, not-for-profits, science, law, engineering, social work, and IT. Local tertiary education providers Monash University and Holmesglen Institute were also represented by multiple attending professionals.

The energy in the space was electric, and time seemed to pass extremely quickly throughout the event. The pace saw students discover multiple pathways in one morning and learn more about what areas they could pursue in their future careers.

Following the event, students, teachers and industry professionals attended a morning tea. During this time, some students took the initiative to continue their conversations with professionals that were cut short during the session.

Feedback from industry professionals proved the value of the event, with 87% of professionals stating that they would recommend Career Launchpad to their colleagues and networks.

This comment from an attending partner school teacher encompasses the day's experience very well - "The Career Launchpad event was fabulous. A great opportunity for students to ask questions and interact with professionals. This was especially valuable for students who struggle to questions in big group settings. The one-on-one setting to talk with industry experts is really great."

Watch this space for more information about Career Launchpad 2024!

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