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Renewable Energy Exploration

Earlier this month, we launched the pilot of our Renewable Energies Industry Immersion in collaboration with Holmesglen Institute’s Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence.

The day saw students explore various aspects of the Renewable Energy Industry through hands-on activities led by Holmesglen staff.

The solar-focused rotation saw students discover the steps involved in installing solar panels to a roof by working as a team to line up and secure panels to a roof frame. Students worked together to place the panels on the frame and drill them into place with bracket mechanisms. Electrical wiring was also explored through students working through techniques to construct an electrical wiring circuit.

Students also focused on electrical welding techniques using visual training aids such as the simulated welding machine. Simulated welding brought out the competitive side of the students attending, as the system rated them on their technique and accuracy. Alongside the welding, students were introduced to fundamental fabrication techniques by using folding equipment to construct a steel phone holder to take home with them.

Following their practical experiences earlier in the day, students took part in a panel Q&A session with industry representatives from the SEC Victoria, Vestas Australian Wind Technology, and Clean Energy Council. The professionals answered student questions about pressing climate issues, their organisations, and the renewable energy sector. Students received a Monash Tech School digital badge co-branded alongside Holmesglen, SEC Victoria and Vestas Australian Wind Technology. The badge verified the human and applied skills students had discovered and built throughout their day.

The day was a great success and saw students thoroughly engaged in various activities that extended their knowledge of careers and pathways in the renewable energy sector. 95% of attending students felt that they learnt something new from the day. An attending teacher said, “it’s a great hands-on day for them to consider their future and the different avenues that may be available to them!”

We look forward to working closely with Holmesglen Institute to deliver another Renewable Energies Industry Immersion instalment in 2024.

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