Pre-Service Teacher Programs

A pre-service placement at Monash Tech School is a unique, valuable, and rewarding experience for teachers-in-training.

What are Pre-service Teacher Programs?

Our pre-service teachers work with a number of students from a range of schools, utilising state-of-the-art technology and a modern facility to teach students the wonders of science and technology.

Teachers in training take part in the unique programs offered by the Monash Technical School. By becoming familiar with STEM learning tools and our structured approach to design thinking pedagogy, pre-service teachers develop their own innovative teaching practice, classroom leadership, and the ability to implement design methodology in their own classroom - whatever their method.  


At Monash Tech School, we use design thinking to engage students in tackling social problems through technological 'super powers', and our teachers and facilitators acquire expertise that prepare them to use critical thinking and problem solving skills across any subject area.


Please note that Pre-Service Teacher Programs are only open to Monash University Pre-Service Teachers on a secondary placement. If you are interested in participating in a placement at Monash Tech School, please contact the Monash Education Placements team.

Pre-Service Teacher Handbook