19 Feb 2021

8:45 am - 10:15am

Telling the Future:

The Latest Advances in Climate Modelling - Professor Todd Lane

The physics of climate change and extreme weather – inform and inspire your students to rise to one of the greatest challenges facing future generations.


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Adele Hudson

Adele teaches VCE Physics and Chemistry and General Science at Aitken College and is also Head of the Science faculty. She been part of a team that is redesigning 7-12 science based on The Invergowrie Foundation STEM report and The GiST, 7 principles of gender inclusive learning. The outcome has been a move to more project based learning which has correlated in an increase in participation of girls in VCE Physics and an overall increase in numbers for all VCE Sciences. Adele is an advocate for learning which gives students choice and more opportunities to find creative solutions to real world problems.

Giving Students Choice in Units 1&2 Physics

Andrew Hansen

Andrew came to teaching after a career in health care. He has been assessing for over ten years and Chief Assessor for the last five years. Andrew believes that Physics is a discursive art and enjoys watching as students develop their conceptual knowledge through experience and discussion.

Review of the 2020 VCE Physics exam - Lessons from Challenging Times

Review of the 2020 VCE Physics Exam

Bernadette Young

Bernadette Young is a maths and physics teacher at Seymour College in central Victoria. She began her teaching career as part of the Teacher for Australia program in 2017. Her professional learning interests are in applying evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, in order to bridge the gap between educational researchers and practicing teachers.

Using Evidence-Based Learning Strategies in Your Classroom

Brendan Jackson

Brendan has over eight years experience as a secondary school Science, Mathematics and STEM Teacher, and has held various Positions of Leadership in curriculum. Brendan has completed a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Teaching (Secondary) and Masters of Education (Educational Management) at the University of Melbourne. Brendan is currently completing a Doctor of Education at the University of Melbourne, focusing on feedback and the applicability of metacognition. Brendan has also worked as both a lecturer and tutor at the University of Melbourne, within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Unit 2 AOS 2 - How do Heavy Things Fly?

Caroline Cotton

Caroline is the founder of the three Biobrain learning apps. Caroline has extensive experience in Science education.

Biobrain - a Physics Learning Tool

Colin Chapman

Head of Learning - Mathematics at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority State Reviewer - Systems Engineering Teacher Physics, Mathematics, Systems Engineering and Philosophy at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

Wolfram System Modeler and Mathematica for Meaningful Circuit Modelling and Simulation

Colin Hopkins

Colin is an expert teacher who has had a profound influence on many new and beginning teachers during his career. He regularly delivers VCE revision lectures and has many years experience with preparing students and as an exam assessor. Colin has recently retired from Head of Science at Bialik College.

Tips and Tricks for Beginner Teachers

Dan O'Keeffe

Dan has been actively involved in promoting extended practical investigations since their introduction into the Physics course in the 1980’s. He co-authored the STAV publication ‘Investigating’, published in 1992. More recently he prepared many of the secondary data videos for this year’s COVID affected Practical Investigation. In 2018 he was awarded an OAM for his service to Physics Education. Dan is the current secretary of VicPhysics Teachers’ Network and compiles the newsletter and looks after the Vicphysics website.

Topics for the Practical Investigation

The Surprising Physics of the Bounce

Deepa Jain

Hello! My name is Deepa Jain. Having experience gained from India, UK and New Zealand, I am now currently teaching Junior science, Engineering and Physics at Kew High school. Teaching is my passion. I try targeting all students to make them learn and understand by delivering the content using simple and yet effective strategies that make my learners engaged and active.

Instructional Strategies Targeting the 3 'L' s - Language, Learners and Literacy

Dino Cevolatti

Dino Cevolatti and Stuart Bird have known each other since 1993 during their undergraduate years in on-campus accommodation in Farrer Hall Monash University and later in share-house accommodation in Malvern and Richmond. They undertook their Post-Graduate Diploma of Education in the same year in 2004 at Melbourne University and have been teaching Physics on-and-off ever since. Dino has been a Leading Teacher at Castlemaine Secondary since 2009 and in 2018 took on the role of Learning Specialist, while, Stuart has also been a Leading Teacher at Castlemaine Secondary from 2012 to 2016 and has since taken on VASS and now Integration coordinator roles. They also both write and collaborate on commercially available resources for Quality Assessment Tasks (QATs)

DIRTSCAN - A Scaffolded Problem-Solving Strategy

Elizabeth Angstmann

Prof Elizabeth Angstmann is an education focused academic and first year director in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales. Prior this Liz was a high school physics teacher. She is passionate about assisting school teachers to provide the best possible science experience for students. Liz has received several awards for teaching including an AAUT citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2018 and has recently become chair of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Physics Education Group (PEG).

An Online Physics Degree for Science Teachers

Elke Barczak

Elke is a science communicator and educator who currently works at Melbourne Museum with TAC's Road to Zero Education Complex. Elke began her education journey in ESL before moving to secondary teaching, then finding her niche developing rich learning experiences in the research and cultural sectors.

Experiencing the Road to Zero Education Complex and Supporting Resources

Along for the Ride: Engaging Students in Studies of Motion Using Immersive Technologies

Gary Bass

Gary teaches Physics and Applied Computing at Virtual School Victoria

Wolfram Mathematica - Physics Simulations and Data Visualisation

Glenn Trainor

Glenn Trainor is the Education Coordinator for Radiation Therapy at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. He oversees the largest radiation therapy clinical training program for students within Victoria and is passionate about sharing information about this career option for students with a passion for physics and healthcare.

Radiation Therapy - Exploring Medical Radiations

Jackie Bondell

Jackie Bondell is Education and Outreach Coordinator for both the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav) and for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics. She develops educational content for public outreach events and curriculum for school incursion programs, focusing on incorporating innovative technology. Prior to 2018, Jackie spent 15 years as a Physics instructor in the US. She holds a Masters Degree in Astrophysics and is a National (US) Board Certified Teacher of Secondary Physical Science.

Detecting the Unseen: Australia's Hunt for Dark Matter and Gravitational Waves

Jane Coyle

I have been teaching physics for 25 yrs since mid way through my first year of teaching. I teach a flipped classroom and use a website to support this instruction method. I am a strong proponent of activity based learning and Learning by design (Backwards planning). I have contributed to the VCAA review panel into the VCE Physics Study Design, I am a writer for the Jacaranda textbook and have presented at many conferences over the years.

Designing Creative and Effective SACs and ATs That aren't Tests

Luke Webb

Luke leads VSSEC's immersive science experience series. He's an aerospace engineer with experience in aviation safety regulation, strategic policy, science communications and business development. He's also a dark chocolate aficionado.

Searching the Stars: Creating a World-First Radio Astronomy Experience for Victorian Government Schools

Maria James

Maria is the Science Curriculum Manager with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, having previously held school positions including Head of Science, Dean of Students and Head of Senior College. Maria holds a Masters degree in Education and has written junior science and senior chemistry textbooks. She is passionate about motivating and engaging students with science. A particular interest for Maria is encouraging students to apply their knowledge and skills in science and in other areas to take action in local and global contexts.

Planning and Developing SAC Tasks for Teachers New to VCE Physics

VCAA Physics Update

Martin Levins

Martin's professional life has been broad. From K-12 education to tertiary lecturer in Initial Teacher Education, he has designed evaluated and taught courses in Science Mathematics, Computing, Design & Technology and ICT in both NSW and South Australia and has worked with schools and their jurisdictions nationally. He regularly speaks at international conferences, contributes in global arenas such as EduSummit and written extensively in the education domain. He is immediate Past President of the Australian Council for Computers in Education, a recovering Director of IT, a serial digital tinkerer and thinkerer.

Digital Technologies in Physics Teaching

Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach

Dr. Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach coordinates the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship program and is a lecturer in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Education (International Baccalaureate) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne. She has over 40 yearsâ?T experience teaching in the Victorian Certificate of Education and the International Baccalaureate program, teaching Mathematics, Physics and Science and has taught in Victoria, New South Wales and in the USA. Her research interests are transition to teaching and developing science reasoning competencies for pre-service and early-career science teachers.

Supporting Pre-Service Physics Teachers in Their Initial Teacher Education

Michael Rosenbrock

Michael is the Assistant Principal responsible for curriculum at Wodonga Senior Secondary College in regional Victoria. A passionate educational leader and a teacher of physics, multimedia, and mathematics, Michael has over 10 years’ experience working in schools. He was seconded to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) for 2 years as a STEM Specialist Teacher and has sat on the Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV) Council for 7 years.

Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament: Tips

Penelope Hale

Penny Hale is a Physics Teacher at Templestowe College and is a passionate advocate for data literacy in science and technology. She promotes the use of data loggers and video analysis in order to develop a core understanding of physics principles using numerical, graphical, and visual representations.

The Heated Practice of Uncertainty: using thermal physics to improve practical and analytical skills

Rachael Gore

Rachael Gore is an experienced VCE and IB Physics Teacher. She has a Masters in Physics from the University of Melbourne and also taught physics in tertiary settings. Rachael is passionate about developing staff and students who share in her love of Physics. She uses targetted questioning and immersive technologies to enhance student experiences and outcomes. Rachael is an active member of VicPhysics.

Applets for Activating Thinking

Robert Hollow

Robert Hollow is the Education Specialist and Student Coordinator with CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. He leads the innovative PULSE@Parkes education program and delivers teacher professional development across Australia. He is the CSIRO representative on the Education College of the SmartSat CRC and a co-chair of the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Astronomy Education Research and Methods.

What's Up? CSIRO's Initiatives in Space

Sam John

Sam John is a Senior Lecturer in Neural Engineering at the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the University of Melbourne. He has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and worked on the first Australian Bionic Eye. He has a passion for taking technology from the Lab to people who need it most. His present work aims to restores lost motor and sensory function in people who have lost their ability to move due to paralysis. This technology is called brain-computer interfaces and will provide people with severe paralysis the ability to control a computer or machines using only their thoughts.

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Sandor Kazi

Sandor Kazi has been teaching at Melbourne Girls' College since 2006. Previously I worked in particle physics at the University of Melbourne and spent time at CERN working on the LHC. The Australian Academy of Science chose me as one of ten young researchers to attend the 2005 Nobel Prize winnersâ?T conference in Lindau, Germany. I have presented in the Advanced Physics Series of lectures and demonstrations, and was also a co-author of a series of mathematics text books. In 2014 I was awarded the Hugh Rogers Fellowship which allowed me to visit renowned educator in physics Professor Eric Mazur at Harvard University.

Encouraging Students to Engage in Meaningful Discussions in Physics and to get Students to Teach Each Other.

Spiro Liacos

Spiro Liacos has been teaching Science and Physics since 1990. In 2011, he formed Liacos Educational Media with his wife Georgina and the two of them produce the famous Shedding Light series of educational programs. The Shedding Light programs, together with their accompanying worksheets and other â?oprintâ? resources are now being used in thousands of schools around the world. Spiro has contributed to the educational outreach programs of NASA and has been nominated for a Pride of Australia award. He is a regular presenter at Science Teachersâ?T Conferences and has published articles in the journals of STAV and of STANSW.

Usain Bolt vs Spiro Liacos: It was Neck and Neck! And Then the Gun Went Off.

Theo Hughes

Theo has been a high school teacher, a university lecturer (and Education Manager) as well as having worked in senior roles in publishing and IT. Now he wants to help change education for the better, particularly physics, through his company Level 98.

Weighty Issues

Todd Lane

Todd Lane is a Professor in atmospheric science at The University of Melbourne and the Deputy Director of the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. He is the former President of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. Todd Lane completed his PhD at Monash University, held research scientist positions at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research, and then commenced an academic position at The University of Melbourne where he has been since 2005. His research spans a range of topics in climate science, including extreme rainfall, bushfire weather, thunderstorms, and atmospheric modelling.

Telling the future: The Latest Advances in Climate Modelling

Yuriy Verkhatsky

I'm teaching physics, mathematics, chemistry and science since 1989 in Australia and overseas. My students were winners of Australian Physics Olympiad, Australian Math Competition, Victorian Young Physicists Tournament, VCE Physics competition of University of Melbourne and so on. I've also worked in science research with main area of interest on interaction of electromagnetic and sound waves in the solids as well as an electronic engineer and author of articles and patents (some devices designed by me were used in the space stations).

Algorithms in Solving Physics Problems



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