Professional Learning Programs

Professional Learning Programs are oriented towards upskilling and enabling teachers to communicate the latest developments and emerging opportunities in STEM fields.

What are Professional Learning Programs?

As STEM subjects become increasingly important in secondary education curriculums, it is critical that teachers and educators are supported in delivering this education. 


Our Professional Learning Programs are designed primarily for teachers, with some offerings that are suitable for parents or industry professionals.  We offer courses to keep teachers up to date with the latest developments, with programs oriented towards upskilling and enabling teachers to communicate emerging opportunities in STEM fields.

  • Biohacking for Teachers and Lab Technicians

    What problems could you solve at home if you brought back your PCR machine, gel electrophoresis etc?

    Many people have home laboratories or visit community laboratories.

  • Exploring New Frontiers in Biology

    Biology has come a long way. Breakthrough technologies are taking humanity into the future. All bio curious persons welcome!

  • Implementing Technology for Teachers

    The Implementing Technology for Teachers webinar gives teachers the option to select one of three technologies to learn about (TinkerCAD, CoSpaces & Metaverse).

  • Game Development Course Collab

    A general call out for Game Development teachers who'd like to collaborate or request a program for Term 3. Ideal for: Year 9 - 10

  • STEAM Education in Special Schools

    These webinars are an introduction to STEM teaching and planning resources designed and developed by how Monash Tech School to enhance access to STEM for all learners. 

  • Ideating with Synthetic Biology

    This event will provide information and resources for educators in years 9-12 on synthetic biology e.g. online games, international competitions and introduction into the world of synthetic biology.


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