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Professional Placements

A placement at Monash Tech School is a unique, valuable, and rewarding experience for students from a variety of fields.

What types of placements do we offer?

Since 2018, Monash Tech School has supervised 186 professional placements for students from Monash University and Swinburne University.

Professional Placements (Swinburne University)

Since 2018, we have offered seven Professional Placements to undergraduate students studying IT, Engineering, Mechatronics, Communications, Makerting, Media, Film and Television, and Computer Science.

These placements are for 12-months and are advertised from September and commence in January. We seek to fill two roles each year - Communications Officer and Technology Officer.

These placement students have been involved in:

  • Program development and delivery 

  • Establishing new work processes and systems

  • Monash Mini Makerfaire 2019

  • Design and fabrication of learning materials

  • Developing communications and media strategy and content (video/photo/written)

  • Promotions (posters, banners, websites)

  • Design and delivery of a virtual conference

After completing their degrees, students have continued to work with us in both part-time and full-time roles or moved on to industry and public service roles at:

  • Compass Education

  • Department of Health (Victoria)

  • Department of Premier and Cabinet

  • Isentia

Industry-Based Learning (Monash University)

Since 2020, five students from the Faculty of Information Technology / Faculty of Engineering have undertaken six-month IBL internships with us as part of their undergraduate degree.

These interns have created a range of products using a variety of technologies:

  • Cybersecurity themed virtual escape room

  • AI and machine learning

  • Blockchain technologies

  • Autonomous rovers

  • Graphing solution

Industrial Design Intern (Monash University)

In 2021, an Industrial Design student undertook a subject-based internship with us as part of IDN4406.


Commencing in August and finishing in November, the student was tasked with answering the question: "How can I help improve the learning/teaching of STEM for secondary school students with developmental needs?".

The end product was a Mural board template that aims to assist secondary school special education students during science classes.

Residency Program (Monash University)

From 2022, two students from the Innovative Initial Teacher Education Program (IITE) in the new Masters of Teaching Degree at Monash University will commence an 18-month residency.

These students will fulfil their teaching practice hours while working at Monash Tech School.

Teaching Placements (Monash University)

Between 2018 and 2021, 173 pre-service teachers took part in the unique programs offered by the Monash Tech School.


By becoming familiar with STEM learning tools and our structured approach to design thinking pedagogy, pre-service teachers developed their own innovative teaching practice, classroom leadership, and the ability to implement design methodology in their own classroom - whatever their method. 


At Monash Tech School, we use design thinking to engage students in tackling social problems through technological 'super powers', and our teachers and facilitators acquire expertise that prepare them to use critical thinking and problem solving skills across any subject area.


Please note that from 2022, Pre-Service Teacher placements are only open to Monash University Pre-Service Teachers on a secondary placement in their final round.

If you are interested in participating in a placement at Monash Tech School, please contact the Monash Education Placements team.

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