Onsite Program Showcase

The showcase celebrates the classes delivered onsite, and learning frame work developed for our programs along with the community of practise that shapes our programs.

School Programs and Projects

Our School Programs introduce secondary students to a range of specialised skills and technology. Here is a small selection of how each program incorporates design thinking, technologies, special education and industry through our Super Programs.  

  • Superminds Program Showcase
    29 JUNE 2020

    An industry-linked masterclass for VCE Legal Studies Unit 1 students this program is delivered by a legal academic and trade marks attorney.

  • Superproblems Program Showcase
    23 JUNE 2020

    Students build a host of STEM skills through the playfulness of designing real-life adventure games - more commonly known as escape rooms in Puzzling Play.

  • Superhealth Program Showcase
    19 JUNE 2020

    Students draw on experiences from the health sector to design future hospital systems that incorporate artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics, and virtual reality.

  • Superpowers Program Showcase
    19 JUNE 2020

    Students explore renewable energy, sustainability, building materials and design concepts by designing renewable energy companies.

  • Superhumans Program Showcase
    17 JUNE 2020

    Students in the program utilise design thinking to explore medical technologies, materials science, engineering, electronics, and design technologies.


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