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We invite educators, designers, technologists, and makers to apply for open positions.

Employer of Choice

Monash Precinct

Learning Organisation

Diverse and Multi-Disciplinary

Monash Tech School is one of Victoria’s 10 Tech Schools and was founded in 2017. We are located on Monash University’s Clayton Campus and are a key innovation and education partner within the Monash Precinct.


As a learning organisation, we are committed to attracting, growing, and retaining people that have a passion for STEM education, ready to use design and creativity to solve problems, and believe that teamwork and play results in richer learning outcomes.


Our diverse, multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary team builds deep partnerships with industry, tertiary, community, and schools to develop life-changing learning experiences for students within the City of Monash.

Professional Learning

Our Work

Our engagement in ongoing professional learning with colleagues improves our practice across the following five areas of work:



We are future-focussed, eternally vigilant professionals who are willing to develop experiences and programs beyond those presently available to students in schools. We see beyond our past roles and are willing to explore new opportunities.



We understand and explore emerging technologies and techniques that help us understand what is possible for students to now do. We are cognisant of how students access, learn, and create using new technologies.



We are willing to challenge ourselves to try out different program delivery structures.



We understand that the best work learners do is undertaken in highly collaborative environments.



We are willing to work with other professionals from industry, academia, community and government agencies to deliver cutting-edge STEM experiences to learners of all ages.


Opportunities to grow take the form of:


  • Participant feedback on programs delivered

  • Peer observation and coaching to improve facilitation

  • 1:1 conversations with the Director

  • Project teams

  • External professional learning (online, on-site, industry-based)

  • Site-based ‘Design, Discovery, and Drinks’ sessions where we share practice and industry developments


An Invitation to Apply


Consider working with us if you are a quick learner, take ownership of your work, and go out of your way to help others succeed.


Applicants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Tech School through this website, social media accounts and news items.

Search or Apply

Recruitment Online

Our Human Resource functions are administered by John Monash Science School. Accordingly, open positions are advertised on the Department of Education and Training’s system - Recruitment Online.

To filter for opportunities, use the Keyword search term “Monash Tech School”.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for more information about our programs, partnerships and facilities

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