Our programs use innovative and high-tech equipment and are delivered in a purpose built facility at Monash University, which features a fully functional maker space and laboratory.


New Energy Solutions

Superpowers offers Year 8 students an in-depth and interdisciplinary understanding of new energy, asking students to design solutions to problems that incorporate new energy systems. The program includes a tour of Monash University in Clayton, demonstrating to students how new energy solutions are practicably used in the real world.


Design Solutions for the Health Sciences

The Superhealth program is a hands-on and innovative program in which Year 9 students are introduced to a number of health sciences. Students learn about the differing medical needs in areas around Victoria, and design hospitals of the future to handle these pressing medical needs.


Design and Entrepreneurship

Superproblems tasks Year 10 students to research and design solutions for real-world problems. Working collaboratively and with a design thinking approach, students must prototype and experiment to devise a solution to the challenge presented to them.

VCE: Superminds

Masterclasses and Events

The Superminds program is an opportunity for VCE students to improve their understanding of fields relevant to their study. Students will participate in workshop-style experiences facilitated by an expert in fields with linkages to the VCE study design.


Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing

Superhumans provides Year 7 students with a solid grounding in key concepts relating to materials science and engineering. The program tasks students with designing implants, wearables, smart clothing, and bionic devices as solutions for medical scenarios.

The Monash Tech School is a Victorian State Government Funded Initiative 


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