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Activities allowing students to investigate growth employment sectors, identify important skill sets, and make informed decisions about future pathways and occupations.

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What are Industry Immersions?

Industry partners and stakeholders have dedicated enormous resources to ensuring our career selections are innovative, hands-on and deeply informative. Our activities have been co-designed by our industry partners and stakeholders, and a wealth of industry professionals will contribute to the series. 


Schools will experience a variety of unique opportunities where students can play with technology and resources, network in professional settings and explore pathways in meaningful and practical formats.


Participation in these activities will provide students with opportunities to practice employability skills, build on their resumes, demonstrate an understanding of industry expectations and foster early employer networks. 

Industry Immersion Events

Discover our upcoming events and read about the innovative partnerships that have formed past immersion experiences. 

Industry Immersion Digital Badges

Our Industry Immersion Digital Badges are co-branded with industry partners and encapsulate the skills and knowledge that students have acquired through the hands-on industry experiences. 


Explore our social media to discover the ways that our Industry Immersions are captured. 


A video snapshot of our 2021-22 Superbots Industry Immersion produced by Monash University.  

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