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Victorian Challenge & Enrichment

Our VCES program offers a series of future-focused modules for government schools across the state.

What are Victorian Challenge and Enrichment

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES) are live-online workshops or webinars that support students in exploring STEM careers. They will enrich students’ understanding of how their current or future studies related to future jobs and local industries. 

Each stand-alone session is designed to be fun, enriching, and utterly engaging.

We encourage teachers and students to identify modules that they would like to experience. 


Superjobs enable Primary Students to explore future-focused skills that are connected to different jobs of the future. Each session will inspire students to engage with STEM-rich topics and enquire about subject and career pathways before entering secondary school. Many of the activities are designed for students to continue engagement beyond the online workshop.


Co-designed with industry and featuring inspiring scientists or researchers our VCE webinars help high-ability students to understand how their interest and aptitude for STEM subjects translates to course selection and the world of work.

Government School Booking 

These modules are funded by the Department of Education as part of the Victoria Challenge and Enrichment Series. Bookings are free for all government school students.


To book, follow the Eventbrite link listed on your program of interest.


Bookings must be made by a teacher and not the student’s parent or guardian. If you are a parent, please contact your school and speak to your child's classroom teacher to see if this program is suitable for your child's current learning level.

Non - Government School Booking 

We are happy to run programs similar to those listed above or design a set of activities suited to a topic of your choice. This need not be limited to high-ability students and we are happy to organise sessions for students of all ability levels.


To book programs similar modules, please contact Rebecca 

( to discuss further.


Pricing is as follows and can accommodate up to 52 students in each session:

  • 2 x 1 hr sessions priced at $655

  • 3 x 1 hr sessions priced at $875

Book Now

Programs run for 1.5 hours and are delivered online via Zoom.

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