Monash Tech School works closely with its partners to develop locally driven and focused learning programs for its students.  The collaborative nature of our engagement with partners ensures that Monash Tech School programs provide real-world skills in a contemporary learning environment reflecting the processes and flows of industry, research and tertiary sectors.

School Partners

Ashwood School

Brentwood Secondary College

Glenallen School

Glen Waverley Secondary College

Highvale Secondary College

John Monash Science School

Monash Children's Hospital School

Monash Special Developmental School

Mount Waverley Secondary College

South Oakleigh Secondary College

Wellington Secondary College

Wheelers Hill Secondary College

Our school partners comprise over 11,000 students and around 1,000 teachers. We work with both teachers and education support staff to ensure that our programs not only map to the curriculum, but truly complement their own curriculum delivery.

Teachers from partner schools co-facilitate all programs with us and provide ongoing feedback in respect to the delivery and content of Monash Tech School programs, while the leadership groups at each school contribute to the strategic direction of Monash Tech School.

Our relationship with John Monash Science School is particularly strong given their role as administrator for Monash Tech School. We extend our thanks to both the School Council and the Leadership Team for their contribution to the operation of Monash Tech School.

We are fortunate to have three schools catering for special needs students. We work closely with each of these schools to ensure that programs are tailored to provide the most engaging, practical and rewarding experience for their students.  


Read about Ashwood School’s visit to the school for the Superhumans program.

Tertiary Partners

Monash University


Our tertiary partners are critical to our operations, and we are very fortunate to have two exceptional Tertiary Partners involved with our Tech School. Working with our team, they contribute to the design, content, and delivery of each of our programs.  

As our host institution, we work with Monash University across all aspects - academic, research and operational - to ensure the latest research, equipment, and data is available and covered in our programs. Drawing on their expertise in research, learning and teaching, we ensure that students gain an appreciation for the resources and skills essential for knowledge transfer and job growth.

Similarly, we work with Holmesglen, drawing on their expertise in skills training and practical simulation environments. This partnership also extends across faculties, further enriching the programs offered by Monash Tech School.

Research and Industry Partners



Convergence Science Network




Optimum Control Technologies




Our research and industry partners share our passion of bringing real-world scenarios and experiences to students and teachers attending Monash Tech School programs. Building on the fantastic resources and industry clusters in the area of medical, pharmaceutical, and new energy sectors, we are actively working with these groups in the development and delivery of our programs.

These partners, growing each week, have assisted in developing the focus and themes of all Monash Tech School programs. In addition they contribute expertise in the design of our programs, ensuring that we achieve our aim of providing students with real-world problem-solving challenges to complement their classroom learning.


Our research and industry partners are also critical in respect to providing mentors and case studies for students curious as to what a STEM focused career looks like. Through direct and indirect mentoring, virtual and physical tours students develop a clear understanding of the modern manufacturing and service industries.

Community Partners

City of Monash

Gateway LLEN

The Royal Society Of Victoria

Inspiring Australia

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

A core goal for Monash Tech School is to become a critical part of the City of Monash community, and we work with our community partners to ensure that we are inclusive and provide value for the entire community. We are working with these groups to have Monash Tech School open outside of school hours for students, parents, family members, hobby and special interest groups to utilise and participate.  


Outside of our secondary programs, we are developing programs and partnerships with these groups to provide skills re-training and familiarisation for the community with the technologies currently in use by STEM focused sectors.



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The Monash Tech School is a Victorian State Government Funded Initiative 


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