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Monash Tech School utilises a variety of online services to enhance student learning and create an innovative learning environment. We work hard to ensure that the programs we use are safe and meaningful for students. 


What type of online services are used at Monash Tech School?

Monash Tech School uses a variety of online services and applications (online services) to support and enhance students’ educational experiences and to create a high quality and innovative learning environment. 

The Tech School uses online services for:

  • teaching and learning

  • communicating program information to parents and students

  • bookings and student administration

  • school management

  • complying with legal requirements other purposes stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy.

What content and materials will be shared through the online services?

Students may have the ability to create, store and share any schoolwork-related content, such as photographs, audio, video recordings, and non-classroom-related information. Where this work contains personally identifiable information of students or others, we will guide students on how to handle it safely and respectfully and to seek appropriate permissions.

How do we protect personal and other information?

Victorian privacy laws require schools to handle personal and health information in accordance with the appropriate principles, such as the Information Privacy Principles. Our school will ensure that information is handled in accordance with the school’s policies, including Schools’ Privacy Policy, Online Rules and Best Practice, Onsite Rules and Best Practice.

In addition, our Partner Schools will have enacted Cybersafety and Responsible Use of Digital Technologies and Acceptable Use Agreements for technologies used for Monash Tech School Programs delivered at their schools. These will be used to explain to your school community how our Partner Schools expect online learning systems to be used at school and at home. 

We will manage your and your child’s information, including how it is stored and how long it is kept, in accordance with the Department’s Records Management Policy for schools.

We will help your child to use online learning systems safely by providing them with technical or any other assistance they require. You can also assist by having conversations with your child about eSafety and by ensuring that your child is comfortable raising any issues with you and their teacher.

We recommend that parents monitor their child when learning from home and contact the school if they have any concerns.


Consent Handling

Due to the operational nature of Monash Tech School, we have implemented an opt-out consent process.

What if you have questions? 

If you wish to request access to your/your child’s information, have any questions or concerns regarding your child using any of the online services, or you do not want your child to participate in our programs due to privacy reasons, please contact our People and Process Manager to discuss your options: Tegan Owen,

In addition to the above, and where appropriate or permitted by law, school staff or service providers may access information in online services for other purposes, for example, when the service provider provides technical support.

Please click this link to read important privacy information for students, parents, and carers.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for more information about our programs, partnerships and facilities

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