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Our digital badges allow students and teachers to digitally represent the skills and knowledge they have acquired through participating in Monash Tech School programs.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge sometimes referred to as a micro-credential, is a portable, verified, and secure representation of acquired knowledge, skills, and achievements. Monash Tech School issues digital badges to represent learning outcomes, experiences, or competencies digitally. Digital badges represent achievements valued by employers and are valuable additions to websites, resumes, social media pages and professional profiles such as LinkedIn. They tell your professional story to others in a complete and validated way. 


Digital badges allow an employer to view the skills, training, education, and experience that the badge holder acquired or demonstrated to earn the badge's credential. This assists to give employers confidence that what job-seekers have included in their resumes is accurate and up-to-date.


When and how are Digital Badges issued?

Monash Tech School issues digital badges for specific programs such as Industry Immersions and Professional Learning. Our badges are issued through the platform Credly, which allows badges to be shared and verified online in a simple and secure way. Following the completion of one of these programs, participants will receive an email from Credly on behalf of Monash Tech School with the digital badge. From this email, participants can claim their badges via the link and by following the steps to create an account.


Our Digital Badges

Colours of our Digital Badges

What do the different colours of our badges mean?

Monash Tech School badges are allocated with colours to each represent a different industry sector.

Digital Badge Journey

In Secondary School - Year 9 and 10

Digital badges available for students to earn could come through partaking in experiences such as Monash Tech School Industry Immersion days, or completing learning, or industry skill modules at a part-time job. 


  • McDonald's Industry Skills badge 

  • MTS Industry Immersion

During VCE - Year 11 and 12 

VCE students can acquire digital badges such as IBM Explorer Awards. These represent early-stage learning and developing skills acquired through different means such as instructor-led training sessions, self-directed assignments, mentoring or workshops. 



  • IBM Cognitive Class - Data Science Foundations 

  • IBM Cognitive Class - Build your own Chatbot

During University or TAFE

Individuals can earn digital badges or micro-credentials from institutions such as Monash University or organisations such as Apple. These badges can represent a wide range of learning and experiences, from app development to digital strategies and transformations. These badges are more likely to be micro-credentials and often require the completion of modules and a final examination. 



  • Monash University - Digital Strategy and Transformation 

  • Apple - App Development with Swift Associate

While working in the Industry 

Whilst working in the industry, earning micro-credentials allows individuals to continually expand their knowledge and develop their skills. Industry-specific badges regarding skills such as clear leadership or project management are available from institutions such as Monash University and Deakin University. Industry badges are often earnt by completing short courses, self-directed modules, or live workshops.


  • Deakin University Project Management 

  • Monash University - Clear Leadership

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