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Online Rules Best Practice

We strive to create safe online learning spaces and support anyone who willingly follows our values.

Accordingly, we make available to our partner schools our Terms of Engagement for distribution to teachers, parents, and students prior to engagement with our online programs.


Terms of Teacher Engagement Online

  • I will consider what Monash Tech School is trying to achieve with:

    • Design Thinking​

    • Student Capabilities

    • Integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and HASS (Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences) and real-world challenges.

  • I will be comfortable, confident and capable of dealing with student behaviour issues.​

  • I will consider what I want to learn by participating in the online programs.

My Work
  • I will attend to the online program, student health and wellbeing matters that arise.

  • I am aware of my legal responsibilities; I will actively manage the class in the online sessions and I am able to address issues that arise.

  • I will participate in the activities if requested.

Culture of Support
  • We will support the work of Monash Tech School facilitators rather than focussing on other matters.

  • We will encourage students to collaborate, apply their critical thinking, improve on their work, and share their work when requested.

  • We will work together to ensure adequate online student supervision at all times within the online programs.

Collective Responsibility
  • We will contact Monash Tech School if we have unanswered questions before an online program commences.

  • We will brief and provide students with program information and appropriate etiquette.

  • We will familiarise ourselves with online program requirements, including software, account creation, pre-work, and assessment tasks.


Terms of Student Engagement Online

  • I am mindful and open to learning online.

  • I feel ready to learn.

  • I understand that learning online might be a challenge for the staff, teachers, my peers, and myself.

  • I have the right to feel safe and speak up for myself. I have a responsibility to speak up for others.

My Work
  • I will take on the challenges asked of me by the facilitators, my teachers and my peers, and ask for help if I feel I need it using the chat feature.

  • I will support the work of the staff by showing them and the online materials respect. I am responsible for hurt or any harm I have done to others.

Culture of Support
  • We respect our time together by respecting each other's need for privacy, safety, and security.

  • We support each other by equally contributing to the work, including others in the work, and sharing responsibility for the quality of the work.

  • We trust each other by allowing others the freedom and space to learn.

Collective Responsibility
  • We are aware of how our online presence is presented to others and are mindful of each other's security and safety.

  • We are aware that online learning might be recorded for student safety and learning purposes.

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Staff Personal and Professional Conduct Online

  • I will stay true to my role and responsibilities; and recognise there are limits and boundaries to my relationships with other staff, students, and adults.

  • I will ensure my personal interests (financial, private, or business) do not interfere with my duties; and where it might be perceived, conflicts are declared.

My Work
  • I work within the limits of my professional expertise while seeking to extend my skills and abilities.

  • I am committed to my own professional learning.

  • I will maintain confidence when discussing workplace issues.

  • I will maintain professional relationships with parents, industry representatives, and partner school representatives.

Culture of Support
  • I share responsibility in keeping all learners safe.

  • I maintain objectivity in my relationships with others.

  • I will provide opportunities for all learners to learn and treat them with courtesy and dignity.

  • I will demonstrate collegiality.

Collective Responsibility
  • I am aware of my legal responsibilities online in relation to:

    • discrimination, harassment and vilification

    • negligence

    • mandatory reporting

    • privacy and security

    • occupational health and safety

    • professional registration and accreditation

  • I will work effectively with our partners, the Tech Schools network, and the Department of Education and Training.​

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