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An economic powerhouse that supercharges innovation across education, industry, and community.

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Our Precinct

City of Monash

Home to 194,707 people, the City of Monash has 24,362 businesses that employ 127,828 people. It is Victoria’s leading employment hub outside the Melbourne CBD. As a region, it generated $18.00 billion (NIEIR 2022) and represented 3.5% of the Victorian Economy.


The primary industries are:


  • Education and Training

  • Health Care and Social Assistance

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale Trade 

  • Financial and Insurance Services

  • Construction, and 

  • Retail Trade. 


The City of Monash’s workforce and infrastructure profile provides a strong base for a post-pandemic recovery. A higher proportion of people in the City of Monash have a Bachelor or Higher degree compared to Greater Melbourne. Its Science and Technology Precinct contains significant scientific and research facilities capable of supporting the region’s diverse industry mix.


Some of these facilities are:


  • ANSTO - Australian Synchrotron


  • Eastern Innovation

  • MCN

  • Monash Health Precinct

  • Monash University, Clayton Campus, and

  • Victorian Heart Hospital.


For more information check out: Monash Precinct


Our Place

Monash University

Monash University is Australia’s largest university and the largest employer in the Monash Precinct. It is critical to unlocking the value of the precinct. Beyond its regional impact, it aspires to meet the major global challenges of the next decade by focussing research and education efforts on addressing:


  • Climate change

  • Geopolitical insecurity, and

  • Healthy communities.


While the pandemic has had immediate effects on the operation of the University, it is more tightly focussed on this future direction and remains committed to leveraging excellence in research, education, and enterprise to these ends.


Monash Tech School is hosted by Monash University and located within its Clayton Campus.

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