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Monash Tech School is committed to ensuring all students, children and young people are safe from harm; feel safe; and are listened to, heard and valued.

Our Commitment

Our students matter.

We commit to providing a Tech School setting and experience that prioritises the safety of the students from our Partner Schools. We foster a Child Safe culture amongst all who are associated with Monash Tech School.


We will never tolerate any form of child abuse, and we remain committed to review, improve, and develop new practices to ensure that students are safe from abuse.


Monash Tech School welcomes students from all backgrounds, including students from Aboriginal backgrounds, students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and students from special education settings. We commit to ensuring the personal and cultural safety of these students.


Whether personally and professionally, as a team, and as a strategic partner; every person involved at Monash Tech School has a duty to understand and consistently adhere to our responsibilities and obligations regarding child safety, and we commit to ensuring that every person involved with the Tech School is aware of, and fully understands, their legal and moral obligations, through induction, training and continual professional development processes.

Report Child Safety Matters

Monash Tech School supports, encourages, and enables school staff, parents, and children to identify and report child safety matters.

We will promptly respond to allegations of child abuse by informing the appropriate authorities.

This report does not displace or discharge other obligations that arise if a child is at risk of child abuse.


Want to learn more?

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