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A point of convergence for industry, education, and research.

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The School

Value the impact of education.

Established in 2017, Monash Tech School is funded as part of the Education State Tech Schools Initiative. We deliver industry sector-specific programs to students from participating partner schools in the City of Monash.


Monash Tech School pioneered the design of multi-day programs that combine STEM technologies, HASS skills, enterprise skills, Victoria’s Priority Sectors, and design thinking. In partnership with the City of Monash and Monash University, we hosted the Monash Maker Faire, one of the largest Victorian STEM community events in 2022. 


Significant achievements include designing:

  • STEM modules for students in Special Education,

  • ground-breaking mathematics programs for primary schools across Victoria,

  • new STEM technologies, and

  • bespoke industry immersion days.

Our Purpose

Design your future now.

We design what comes next in education by working with project partners to create programs that inspire confidence in the future of the Monash Precinct. These programs are developed by a diverse, forward-thinking multi-disciplinary team, who are continually resourced by investments in STEM technologies. We operate flexibly to maximise our impact on the future of learning.

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Our Programs

Amplify engagement with STEM.

Our programs keep pace with rapidly developing STEM technology and cutting edge research in Victoria’s priority sectors. Students leave with adaptable skills and in-depth knowledge that leverages current and emerging industry developments. They use the latest technology including machine learning, room-scale mixed reality, 3D bio-printing and industry-quality lab equipment to creatively solve problems.

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Our Performance

We design for learning and innovation.

Our passion for learning underpins our approach. We actively practice the innovations we advance. We take pride in our work and share our expertise and practices in ways that will make a difference, both to the Monash Precinct and the State of Victoria. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and pursue opportunities that align with our goals and principles.

Our Philosophy

We foster and facilitate innovation that transforms learning.

We are driven to work in shared spaces where innovation takes place. We strive to widen student participation in STEM and to design programs that meet their learning needs. We are trusted to co-design professional learning for teachers and school leaders that maximises their investment in STEM, amplifies their capabilities, and broadens their capacity to lead the transformation of schooling within the Monash Precinct.

Our Partnerships

We partner to unlock the potential of the precinct.

Our project partners are committed to changing how education and industry work together for the benefit of our community and the environment. They share our aim to provide students with hands-on activities with new STEM technologies and collaborative problem-solving techniques. They also seek to offer new experiences of industry sectors in ways that releases their untapped potential and guides their ambitions for the future.


There are many ways we can involve professionals and partner with organisations. Browse our Partnerships webpage for more information. We invite you to contact us to arrange a call, meeting, or facility tour.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for more information about our programs, partnerships and facilities

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