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Immersions Rules & Best Practice

We strive to co-design and
co-deliver industry immersions with our industry partners. 
Accordingly, we make available to our partner schools our Terms of Engagement for distribution prior to engagement with our industry immersion programs.


Terms of Teacher Engagement 

  • I will consider what Monash Tech School is trying to achieve with the students attending the industry immersion.

  • I will be comfortable, confident and capable of dealing with student behaviour issues at this event.

  • I will respond to information requests from Monash Tech School in a timely manner.

My Work
  • I will bring two full printouts of the Event Handbook from the Compass School Manager.

  • I will attend to student health and wellbeing matters that arise both on and following the industry immersion.

  • I am aware of my legal responsibilities and duty of care; I will actively manage the students and am able to address issues that arise.

Culture of Support
  • We will support the work of Monash Tech School and industry partners rather than focussing on other unrelated matters.

  • We will encourage students to participate, collaborate, and share their work when requested.

  • We will work together to ensure supervision ratios are adequate prior to booking, and adhere to these on the day of the industry immersion.

  • We will inform parents that in the instance where a Principal sees that the excursion supervision ratio is met by all attending adults, that if an emergency occurs, students may need to be supervised by other staff from another school.

Collective Responsibility
  • We will contact Monash Tech School if we have unanswered questions before the day of the industry immersion.

  • We will provide parents, teachers, and students with excursion information prior to attending the industry immersion.

  • We will familiarise ourselves with the industry immersion requirements, including registration details, software and hardware requirements, account creation, pre-work, industry locations and transport locations.


Terms of Student Engagement

  • I am mindful and open to learning in unfamiliar and professional environments.

  • I feel ready to learn.

  • I understand that learning in an unfamiliar environment might be a challenge for the staff, teachers, my peers, and myself.

My Work
  • I will take on the challenges asked of me by the facilitators, my teachers, my peers or any industry professionals and ask for help if I feel I need it.

  • I will support the work of the staff by showing them, the environment and any provided materials respect. 

  • I take responsibility for my actions.

  • I will abide by all safety guidelines introduced to me by industry professionals or staff.

Culture of Support
  • We support each other by equally contributing to the work, including others in the work, and sharing responsibility for the quality of the work.

  • We trust each other by allowing others the freedom and space to learn.

  •  We are mindful of each other’s security and safety.

Collective Responsibility
  • We are aware of how our behaviour is presented to others, including industry professionals, teachers and members of the public.

  • We are aware that photos may be taken if permission has been granted for the purpose of documenting the industry immersion event.


Staff Personal and Professional Conduct

  • I will stay true to my role and responsibilities; and recognise there are limits and boundaries to my relationships with MTS staff, stakeholders, students and adults.

  • I will ensure where it might be perceived, conflicts of interest are declared.

  • I will pay attention to the needs of students and staff and endeavour to provide a psychological and culturally safe place for them to learn.

  • I will represent MTS in a professional manner including being punctual, dressed appropriately, and present during all aspects of the immersion day.

My Work
  • I work within the limits of my professional expertise, seeking to ensure I am up to date with excursion policies and first-aid training. 

  • I will maintain confidentiality when participating in external stakeholder planning and event management. 

  • I will maintain professional relationships with all stakeholders by ensuring I am up to date with all stakeholder documentation, deadlines, and risk assessments.

  • I will adhere to MTS policy and procedures in regards to Industry Immersions including being unwell or absent and time in lieu processes.

Culture of Support
  • I share responsibility in providing a safe, supportive, and positive learning environment for students, teachers, and industry stakeholders.

  • I will maintain objectivity and practice transparency in my relationships with others.

  • I am aware that in the event of teacher-student ratios changing I may be responsible for supervising partner school students.

Collective Responsibility
  • I am aware of my legal responsibilities in relation to:

    • discrimination, harassment and vilification,

    • negligence

    • child safety and mandatory reporting

    • privacy

    • occupational health and safety

    • professional registration and accreditation.

  • I will work effectively with our partners, the Tech Schools network, and the Department of Education.

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