Course and Career Chat Podcast

Monash Tech School has partnered with Kimberly Whitty from the Course and Career Chat podcast to produce a series of episodes highlighting career and study opportunities within Victoria’s priority sectors.

About the Podcast 

Listen up as Kim, a passionate careers teacher, chats to current tertiary students and staff to find out everything you need to know about university and TAFE courses, the careers they can lead to and the transition from high school to further study.

Links to Priority Sectors 

We have worked with Kim to connect her podcasts with the Victorian priority sectors to allow students to directly hear from people working in each industry. Navigate the topics below to listen to different career stories specific to each industry.

Medical Technologies 


Medical Science and Paramedicine



My guest today is Tayla, and she completed a Bachelor of Medical Science at Flinders University in South Australia, and then a Bachelor of Paramedicine at Victoria University. In this conversation, Tayla shares great information about both of these courses and the reasons behind her decision to study these subject areas, and she also gives us an insight into what it’s like to be a paramedic, including the skills that are necessary to be really great at the job.

Date: April 2022

Nursing and Midwifery



What we’re talking about:

My guest today is Lauren, and she is the Associate Head of School Teaching and Learning at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Deakin University. She shares such great insights into nursing in this episode as she discusses her career as a nurse as well as the courses offered at Deakin and why they have such a great reputation.

Date: November 2021




Today I’m chatting with Nitya and she shares her experiences about studying Radiography. Nitya gives some great insights into how VCE subjects relate to her course, and also what she’s been studying at university and where it could take her next.

Date: September 2021

Biomedicine and Public Health



Today I’m chatting with Bronte, a former student of mine who has recently completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine and has started a Master of Public Health, both at the University of Melbourne. As well as giving us lots of great information about these two courses, Bronte shares how she takes risks and gives herself the opportunity to explore areas she’s interested in by looking at all the possible pathways so she can pivot when necessary.

Date: May 2021

Engineering and Medicine



Join me today as I speak to Sarah, a medical student who first completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours) before pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Date: March 2021

New Energy Technologies  


Science Advanced - Global Challenges and Palaeontology



This week’s guest, Jack, is completing his Honours year in the Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges at Monash University, and he has a major in Ecology and Conservation Biology and a minor in Zoology. For his Honours project, Jack is investigating the Zygomaturus, a giant extinct marsupial that lived over 30,000 years ago in Tasmania. He shares great information about the very unique course he’s doing, as well as the experiences he’s had throughout the course to explore what his career might look like and the fascinating work he’s doing now. For those of us who dreamt of being a palaeontologist as a child, his insights show us what a career in palaeontology actually looks like.

Date: May 2022

Science and Global Studies 



My guest today is Marni, and she’s completing a double degree in Science and Global Studies at Monash, majoring in Environmental Science and International Relations. As well as discussing her course and what she’s been studying, we talk a lot about the amazing range of experiences that Marni has had throughout high school and at uni, and how each one has helped her learn more about herself and what she wants to achieve.

Date: November 2021

Science, Arts, Sustainability and Meteorology



Today I’m chatting with Jo, who completed a Bachelor of Science and Arts at Monash University. While we do spend time discussing her course, the major themes in our discussion are more about how she followed her interests and took advantage of a range of opportunities that allowed her to explore all of these areas leading her to her current role at the Bureau of Meteorology.

Date: August 2021

Geology and Scientific Research



Today I’m chatting with Rory about his course, the Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research at Monash University. We discuss having to persevere with subjects that you’re not really interested in, exploring tertiary course options and comparing courses, and making career decisions that suit your life as a whole.

Date: July 2021

Construction Technologies  





Today my guest is Lydia, and she has just completed a Bachelor of Design majoring in Architecture at The University of Melbourne. In this episode we talk about how important it is to get the information you need so that you can make really good decisions about what you want to do next after you finish school, looking into courses to make sure that you’ll be able to study the things you like, and the experiences that Lydia has had so far to give her a taste of what a career in architecture might look like.

Date: December 2021

Food and


Science and Baking 



In this episode I’m chatting with Gordon about his pathway from school through university to an apprenticeship and career in baking. Gordon did the International Baccalaureate (IB) at school and went into a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne, but couldn’t see himself working as a scientist. He deferred and got a casual job packing orders at a wholesale bakery and fell in love with the environment, and when an apprentice position came up he took it up and went to trade school at Federation University to complete a Certificate III in Baking. He tells us about his career so far and the range of options you have for work as a baker.

Date: June 2022

Pharmaceutical Science



Today I’m chatting with Kaysia who completed a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science majoring in Formulation Science at Monash University. We discuss knowing the prerequisites you need for your course and using your vision for the future to motivate you, her course and the various career opportunities available, and how her course prepared her to secure her first job.

Date: August 2021


Advanced Manufacturing 

Robotics and Mechatronics



Today I’m talking with Maddy about her course, the Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce at Monash. We discuss enjoying your study throughout VCE and uni by allowing yourself to explore a range of options and pursue different interests. Maddy also explains how double degrees work and why she thinks they’re a great option, as well as telling us all about Robotics and Mechatronics and her experience in the course so far. 


Date: May 2021


Space Technologies




My guest today is Zach, and he recently completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) at Monash University. We discuss the reality of creating good study habits and how to explore your options when you’re still not sure what you want to do when VTAC applications are due. Zach also talks us through his course and goes into detail about how internships work.

Date: June 2021