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Construction Technologies

The City of Monash has 3,126 registered businesses and 15,747 employees in the Construction sector. The sector’s output generated over $5,022 million in 2019/20. Digital technologies, off-site construction technologies, and new construction materials and products are critical in this sector.

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Careers Launchpad
Manufacturing Week Industry Immersion
Rail Projects Industry Immersion

Industry Immersions Program

The Australian Manufacturing Week Industry Immersion, delivered in collaboration with the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL), provided an opportunity for students to attend Australian Manufacturing Week. Students experienced a corporate, trade show environment and heard from industry professionals at key organisation stands.

The Rail Projects Industry Immersion is delivered in collaboration with Metro Tunnels HQ and provides an opportunity for MTS specialist partner school students to explore Victoria’s rail infrastructure projects. Students learn how STEM is used in real-world logistics, engineering and construction sectors.

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4,037 jobs

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The list is indicative of opportunities provided by Monash Tech School, its Tertiary Partners, or through reputable institutions online. Last Updated: 25 March 2024

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