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Pathways to Entrepreneurship

Build the confidence, experience, support, and network to be an entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to chart new paths and influence the future. They have an ability to see futures that are probable, plausible, possible, and impossible - preferring to change the course of human endeavour in a way that makes an impact in their field and the world.


Monash Tech School is proud to be part of a broader push to support the development of entrepreneurs in the Monash Precinct. We know from experience that creating change in the world requires a high level of creative confidence, a focus on the future, and a commitment to collaboration. Being an incubator for budding entrepreneurs aligns strongly with our vision to “Design your future now”.


We have brought together information from across the City of Monash - and beyond - to help secondary students looking for information on resources, services and programs that encourage entrepreneurship.

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Secondary Student Support

Monash Tech School

Monash Tech School provides our partner school students with access to a range of makertech, biotech, and digitech equipment. Our facility is also open to bookings  by partner schools, student clubs, and not-for-profit STEM-focussed community groups throughout the year.


Resources include:

  • Work Spaces - CreatorSpace, CyberSpace, MakerSpace (54 attendees)

  • Workshop Spaces - BioLab, DesignLab, SoundLab (6-18 users)

  • Presentation Spaces - Learning Exchange, Learning Gallery, Learning Lounge (up to 160 attendees)

  • Community Maker Space - Turn your idea into a physical prototype. Contact us for help.


Services include:

  • Design Sprints - We take your problem and help facilitate your idea generation. All you need to do is organise the participants. Design sprints can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Contact us for more information.

  • Microcredential Platform - Partner with us to award co-designed microcredentials to your peers or clients.


Programs include:

  • Core Programs - These SuperPrograms utilise onsite, online, and offsite experiences to create collaborative STEM-rich and industry connected experiences for students in Years 7-10.

  • Industry Immersions - Single-day industry focussed experiences that provide a behind-the-scenes look at jobs in Victoria’s Priority Sectors.

  • Superskills Programs - Structured to simulate real-world STEM industry design processes, they introduce students to digital tools and challenge them to solve complex problems.

Tertiary Student Support.png

Tertiary Student Support

The Generator

The Generator is Monash University’s startup hub. It’s the center of the startup community on-campus. 


Resources include:

  • Learning Library - An Airtable of resources (articles, books, templates, videos) used by staff and students at The Generator. 

  • Co-working Space - Located in Building 60, 23 College Walk, Clayton Campus: hosts individuals working on entrepreneurial projects.


Services include:

  • Entrepreneur Advisor - Monash students book an appointment with an advisor.


Programs include:

  • The Validator - A 5-week online program designed to help you get an idea off the ground.

  • Startup Sprint - A 5-week program that takes validated ideas to launch readiness. Access a $1000 grant.

  • Accelerator - A 12-week program for early stage startups. Access $10,000 in equity free seed funding.

  • Research to Innovator - For Monash researchers and PhD students. How to translate and commercialise innovations.

Local Startup Support.png

Local Startup Support

Eastern Innovation

Eastern Innovation is the place for entrepreneurs in the Monash Precinct to join a community of founders, innovators, and researchers focussed on accelerating and growing ventures. Whether you are creating your first idea, looking to join other innovators, or scaling your business - be supported by the innovation ecosystem at Eastern Innovation.


Resources include:

  • Work Spaces - coworking spaces, virtual address, meeting spaces.

  • Workshops - lockable spaces, workbenches.

  • Office Space - small, medium, and large.


Services include:

  • Global Advisory Program - packaged specialist advice that accelerates business growth.

  • News - stay up-to-date with stories from tenants at Eastern Innovation, upcoming workshops and events.


Programs include:

  • EI 6for6 Pitch Night - Pitch for prizes that support business development.

  • Eastern Victoria Founders Meetup - Learn from founders the best practices of starting up a company.

  • Make It or Break It Workshop - Share great ideas and receive feedback from industry experts.

Local Business Support.png

Local Business Support

City of Monash

Business Victoria

The Monash City Council provides a number of services for the support and development of new and existing businesses in the Monash region.


Resource include:

  • Monash Economic Profile - a demographic snapshot of the Monash Local Government Area’s economic profile.


Services include:

  • City of Monash Grants Finder - available to local businesses, community groups, not-for-profit groups and individuals in Monash. The database provides a comprehensive list of grant and funding opportunities available.

  • First for Business - eNewsletter that promotes business and networking activity.


The Business Victoria website provides resources, programs, and services to support Victorian businesses. If you are starting, running, or transforming your business, you will find what you need on Business Victoria.


Resources include:

  • Finance, marketing, and customer communication templates.

  • Strategic plans, business plans, and workforce management templates.

  • Job ads, descriptions, and reference check templates.

  • Risk registers, IT procedures, and COVIDSafe Plan templates.


Services include:

  • The Small Business Bus - provides professional advice.

  • Partners in Wellbeing Helpline - provides mental health support for small business owners.

  • Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring - a free mentoring program to receive four 2-hour mentoring sessions with an experienced professional.

  • Business Victoria Update - a eNewsletter with tips, tools, and news to help small businesses.


Programs include:

  • Business Victoria Workshops - learn new skills for your business.

  • Grants and programs - to help you deal with change, be more sustainable, and improve products and services.

  • Upskill my business - access practical help with free online courses.

Industry Sector Support.jpg

Industry Sector Support


LaunchVic is Victoria’s startup agency and supports Victoria’s $7billion startup sector. Home to more than 2,100 startups, the sector has tripled in value since 2018, with the potential to add 150,000 new jobs by 2030.


Resources include:

  • Podcasts, Research Documents, Templates, and Toolkits - A rich resource of content to help startups across all industry sectors.


Services include:

  • Finding Startups - A database for the Victorian startup ecosystem.

  • Business Resource Services List - An A-Z of curated resources by LaunchVic to assist startups.


Programs include:

  • Pre Accelerator and Accelerator Programs - Funded by LaunchVic, a list of programs catering to early-stage founders.

  • Incubator Programs - Sector-specific or special interest programs that support entrepreneurs from different backgrounds with mentoring and education.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for more information about our programs, partnerships and facilities

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