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A technological perspective of the human body

Special needs students from Ashwood School came to Monash Tech School to take part in a modified version of the Superhumans program. There were three stations created to teach them about the human body.


BioDigital is a website which allows people to see inside the body using interactive 3D

technology. It has a profound impact on the way students comprehend their health.

Students are able to interact and view the human body in a way that deepens their

knowledge and helps them reach their learning objectives. In this tour of a virtual anatomy, students are asked to find the digestive, skeletal and nervous systems inside the human body, which teaches them what they are and what they look like. This activity helps students understand spatial relationships in the human body using the interactive anatomy models.

Virtual T-Shirt

The Virtual T-Shirt is a wonderful STEM educational resource that takes science to a new dimension, enabling students to learn about the human body on a human body.

With beautifully designed augmented reality and amazing 3D learning experiences,

students can explore the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and unitary systems with

the fully immersive 360 degrees perspective on the iPad. Working in pairs, students help each other in finding various systems within the body, and discuss what our different body parts look like and their functions. Students light up when they see the body come to life, and love seeing what it looks like to dive inside the intestines.

The Body Cube

While anatomy is found in many AR and VR resources, the benefit of the Mr Body

app is that the cartoon content is appealing to our younger students. Each body part

has a caption that can be opened to get further insight. The cube allows students to see the different functions of the heart, brain, lung and other body parts. With the descriptions of the body parts being labelled in text, students can enjoy the visual exploration of the body within the cube.

Using AR and VR products in the classroom not only engages students in active learning but also give them powerful skills that prepare them for the future.

written by Shuxin Le

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