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Online Programs - Year In Review

We structured our online offerings to simulate real-world STEM industry design processes. Consequently, this brought Monash Tech School expertise to the virtual classrooms of partner school teachers.

Taking the place of face-to-face programs, we introduced students to computer-based digital tools to design solutions for complex problems.

Students were asked questions like, ‘How can the digital landscape help your community through hardships that occurrences like social distancing can create?’, and through a series of webinars and resources, we guided students through the process of ideation and design.

Student Program Offerings • 3D Making with TinkerCAD • Articulating Pharmaceutical Science • COVID, can you Fold It? • Creating Assistance Chatbots with Voiceflow • Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Challenge • Designing Digital Locks • Designing Experiences in Virtual Reality • Designing for Isolation: Social Entrepreneurship • Designing with CoSpaces • Eco-building with Minecraft • Logical Brain Teasers • Modelling with Minecraft • Puzzling Play: Developing Escape Rooms • Sciencing at Home • Socially Conscious Game Design • The Next Pandemic / The Past, Present, and Future of COVID-19 • Understanding the Nature and Purpose of Proteins in Immunity

• VCE Legal Studies - Civil Liability / VCE Business Management

As Term 4 approached, partner schools came forward requesting customised programs to be provided. Two such programs were Underwater in Cospaces and Biohacking.

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