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Residency Program Graduands!

Today marks the end of a very special 18-month journey with two of our outstanding pre-service teachers. Congratulations to Matthew and Samantha on completing their residency program, making them one step closer to achieving their Masters of Teaching Degree at Monash University!

Matthew and Samantha embarked on an exceptional 18-month residency at Monash Tech School as part of the first-of-its-kind Innovative Initial Teacher Education Program (IITE) in the new Masters of Teaching Degree at Monash University.

We commend both of them for their outstanding accomplishments and the incredible projects they have been involved in during their time at Monash Tech School. It is difficult to encapsulate the extent of their contributions during the past 18-months here at MTS.

Some highlights include their contribution to developing our highly successful and new Supercyber program, which has already been delivered to over 300 students in its delivery this term. Additionally, they each developed their very own Superskills and Supersigma modules, showcasing their creativity and innovation when it comes to designing lessons. Furthermore, Matthew's successful implementation of Supersigma at the Monash Maker Faire, engaging hundreds of participants, is a testament to his ability to make learning interactive and enjoyable.

Reflecting on her experience, Samantha shared, "MTS has definitely been one of the best jobs I've had. It has allowed me to not only learn how to be a teacher but also think creatively and outside of the box."

“Being a pre-service teacher is an integral part of the learning process for new teachers which can often be challenging. Matt and Sam have been able to explore new technologies, teaching pedagogies and been able to build positive relationships with partner school students and teachers throughout their time with us. It is exciting for them to move into the next part of their careers!” Chelsea (pre-service teacher mentor).

We are immensely grateful to Matthew and Samantha for their immense dedication and for embracing their time at MTS. As they embark on their teaching careers, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will have in the education space and the students they are bound to inspire.

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