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Sphero Olympics for Ashwood, Glenallen and MSDS

On the 28th, 29th and 30th of November, our partner schools from our special education division came to participate in our Sphero robot program.

Each school sent a group of up to 10 students to be challenged with guiding and driving a Sphero robot through free play, obstacle course components and Sphero soccer. Students used a Sphero robot that was controlled by an iPad. The students found the obstacle courses both challenging and fun, with most students being able to complete the majority of the courses.

We were lucky to have visitors from the Department of Education Tech School’s Division, International Education Division and Digital Learning and Practice on Thursday to see MSDS students in action with Sphero robots at the obstacle courses.

Students and teachers from all three schools left MTS refreshed and inspired with ideas on what they could take back at school.

Monash Tech School staff enjoyed our time with each student group from Ashwood, Glenallen and MSDS. We learnt what the students were capable of and what we could change for their next visit.

Thanks for three fun-filled days!

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