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Supercities Program Showcase

Students explore the city's needs and investigate urban planning and technology solutions. They combine these aspects by creating concepts that would improve the future of the City of Monash.

Design Thinking

Students learn how to tackle big ideas around making impactful and relevant change within the community through urban planning and machine learning. They progress through all stages of the design thinking process as they build transferable skills.

Students engage in a range of hands-on, collaborative, solution focused tasks which can be put towards any topic in the future. They begin by empathising with the residents of their local community to appreciate their needs and break down how they could be addressed, with a keen focus on the availability of housing, employment and social spaces, as well as the sustainability of those places. Students are then familiarised with machine learning and urban planning so they can prototype and propose their own solutions in the technology workshops.


Augmented reality, machine vision and robotics are incorporated into the learning program to develop skills with a range of digital solutions.

Students use our custom designed Augmented Reality app to collaboratively design and analyse their own city, being able to visualise and manipulate their 3D models in the physical space. They also get their hands on with Machine Learning through creating a Machine Vision app which can be trained to identify any number of student identified problems, or by programming our Sphero RVR robots that can act as both autonomous workers and vehicles.