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Superminds Program Showcase

An industry-linked masterclass for VCE Legal Studies Unit 1 students. This program is delivered by a legal academic and trade marks attorney.

Intellectual Property

Students learn about intellectual property law that neatly applies to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), the Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (HASS), and enterprise.

Innovative goods and services across Victoria's Priority Sectors need distinctive trade marks so consumers will keep purchasing them. Whether it be in the Creative Industries, Digital Technologies, Food and Fibre, Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals, New Energy Technologies, Transport Technologies, or Space Technologies, companies need trade marks to stand out in the marketplace.

VCE Linkage

In this area of study students develop an understanding of key concepts in civil law and investigate areas of civil law in detail.

The area of civil law investigated is trade mark law. Trade marks are words, logos or signs that help customers locate and recognise the quality of a business’s product or service over its competitors. Trade mark law assists in helping businesses and companies protect their trade marks from being copied by others.

Workshop Experience

Students learn to apply the law based on an actual scenario in an interactive workshop experience.

The workshop emphasises the need for future entrepreneurs to be aware of intellectual property law and how innovations can be protected. Students consider actual scenarios that give rise to a civil claim, applying legal reasoning to determine liability for a breach of trade mark infringement.

Subject Matter Expert

The workshop is developed and delivered by Mitchell Adams, a legal academic and trade marks attorney.

Passionate about the nexus of STEM and HASS, Mitchell studied a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws (first class honours) degrees at Monash University and finished in the top 12 of his graduating cohort. He has worked at CSIRO in the Intellectual Property and Commercialisation group, Macleay William (a prominent entertainment law practice), the Centre for Transformative Innovation, and is the Course Director of the Bachelor of Laws degree at Swinburne University. His current projects include examining the registered trade mark and designs systems.

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