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Superpowers Program Showcase

Students explore renewable energy, sustainability, building materials and design concepts by designing renewable energy companies.

Design Thinking

Learning about energy innovations allows students to simulate the creation of renewable energy companies that engage with local Victorian communities and users when developing energy generation facilities.

Students undertake engaging hands-on activities that help them understand how energy is generated and conserved. They explore concepts relating to environmental sustainability and analyse household energy data in order to appreciate the impact human behaviours have on energy use and costs. Working collaboratively in teams, they generate ideas by conducting hands-on simulations of renewable energy systems and sustainable housing. This work influences their design of sustainable solutions that both seeks to support a local community’s energy use and their company’s commercial plans.


Sustainable housing materials, augmented reality, and app design technologies are incorporated into the learning program to develop both physical and digital prototyping skills.

Students use renewable energy and sustainable housing kits to simulate how specific renewable energy systems work to generate electricity and explore the insulating effects of various building materials. They prototype in both an augmented reality environment to build and code 3D models, and an app design tool, to build a user-friendly, informative app experience.