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Continue Your Journey

Opportunities for students to continue their learning after completing a Core Program at Monash Tech School.

What are our Cyber
Security Resources?

In an increasingly digital world and with a rise in cyber attacks, it is important that students are equipped with the tools to protect themselves and their data. Students can learn the essential skills related to cybersecurity and how to navigate digital technology in a safe, responsible and ethical manner.

Monash Cyber Safety

This resource contains common examples of how seemingly innocuous behaviours online could lead to vulnerabilities in our devices. From web browsing to emails and social media, this resource provides students with tips on protective behaviours that can reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack.


A government agency developed in 2015, eSafety aims to fight against online risks and harms faced by adults and children. This resource helps address common issues that young people may face in a digital environment, including how to protect themself from attacks and how to respond if an attack does occur.

Australian Cyber Security Centre

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is an Australian government initiative that aims to make Australia a more secure place online. Not only does the ACSC educate others about cyber attacks, but it also contains the latest information and alerts about cyber attacks that residents need to be aware of.

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