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Continue Your Journey

Opportunities for students to continue their learning after completing a Core Program at Monash Tech School.

What are our Space Resources?

In the future, space travel will become increasingly popular and right now space technology is booming industry. These resources help students understand how Australia is currently positioned in the space industry, as well as what technologies and services are being developed here.

Australasian Youth Cubesat Initiative

Australasian Youth Cubesat Initiative Limited is a student-run charity working to inspire, support and empower the next generation through the facilitation of a student-led cubesat satellite development program.

Australian Space Agency

Learn about Australia’s very own Space Agency. The Australian Space Agency is involved in everything from regulating space activities to funding space projects here in Australia.


CSIRO is Australia's National Science Agency. Their space division conducts research on many aspects of space, from developing new technologies to managing our environment on Earth using imagery from space.

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