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Battle of the Droids Makerthon - Student Experience

Sanskitha - Glen Waverley

I had an amazing experience at the Battle of Droids 2017, as I have learned many valuable things that I would have never learned or experienced otherwise. This was a new opportunity for me and I’m very grateful I signed up for this. The facilitators were very nice and continuously helped me design and make my obstacle course work. There is amazing technology here like the 3D printer and the laser cutter and I’m glad I got to see how it worked and how to use it. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Tran - Wellington SC

I had a pretty nice experience at the Monash Tech School for the two days doing the Makerthon. My first impression of the room was pretty good, with different sorts of technologies I’ve never seen before that I can play with and my favourite one was probably the sphero and 3D printer. The moment I came on my first day, the facilitators immediately welcomed me and made me feel like they were glad to have me join them, and also helped me a lot along my journey. I also got to know other people and had fun together designing an obstacle course. I would rate this event a 9.5/10.

Justin - Wellington SC

I feel very fortunate to have been involved in the Monash Tech School Makerthon program. There were so many utilities, technology and crafts I was able to get my hands on which I had only dreamt of prior to the event. I never thought I would be able to do all the things I did at the Tech School; using little bits, watching 3D printers print and produce little toys and figures, using laser cutters to cut out plastic and cardboard and using new and intriguing computer programs. I seriously cannot put to words of how astonished and pleased I am with my two days here. It felt so unreal being able to utilise such amazing gadgets and toys. The catering was great; I could go for a quick snack at any time of day. I feel like so many people are not aware of this program, so I would like to advertise and introduce the programs to my peers the next time it is running. I’d be happy to speak at assemblies just promoting the program, I would even suggest one of the supervisors of the program to go out to schools promoting it themselves. It would really accumulate a lot of attention and bring many other students with innovative design thinking skills to the table. I love everything here at Monash Tech School, and there’s nothing I’d like to change.

Ben - Wellington SC

The event that I attended for the past 2 days was amazing and I recommend anyone who is into tech or science to attend. This event it is very beneficial and fun. From my experience I would have to say the event was very organized and interesting as it was flexible but the same time we were learning lots about tech. The highlight of this event was being able to use and experience what it is like to use hi-tech especially the 3D printers and laser cutting. I have learned so much things about tech and I would definitely come to this event the next time it’ around.

Sandeep - Wellington SC

My two days at the Monash Tech School was unique and very interesting. The room that we were in had many futuristic technologies like a 2-meter-long 3D printer, a Laser Cutter, Thermal cameras, Microscope and the educational toys were just fun to mess around with, like a Sphero and Little Bits. The Facilitators here are nice and intelligent in their field of work. I would highly recommend to come here next year, you meet new people with the same interest and learn new things.

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