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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Supersport

We spent International Women’s Day exploring all things professional sports, media and analytics alongside STK Education and Holmesglen.

Our Supersport Industry Immersion delivered its second instalment last week, with 72 girls from four of our partner schools attending RSEA Park to explore the world of elite sporting careers. The day's energy was electric as students participated in activities focusing on AFL, data analysis, the life of an athlete, and public-facing social media. 

Students discovered the sheer amount of roles involved in elite sports by uncovering the various club officials involved in the professional development of athletes. St Kilda’s very own captain, Hannah Priest, facilitated the Elite Energy session, allowing students to discover the complexities of training schedules, recovery, game skills, and match fitness.

Holmesglen ran an AFL Nines session where students wore MTS catapults to track their performance data. Students rotated through wearing the catapult and put each other through their paces in dynamic games of football. They then were given the opportunity to analyse their group’s data, looking at metrics such as speed and power. 

In the afternoon, students took a deep dive into understanding how the media, particularly social media, can work to portray messages to the public around teams and individual players. Holmesglen discussed the various degree options they have in sports media and then led the social media activity. The rotation saw the students work in small groups to craft social media posts that used their own data in various ways. Teams had to work together to construct content and visual posts for their audiences that combined data with themes such as sponsorship deals, rising star players, and rebranding team names.

With an underlying theme of International Women’s Day, the day provided a space for creativity, fun, and connection among the students. At the end of the day, students wrote down a word to describe the day they had experienced. Words such as inspired, inclusivity, empowering, and collaborative were common buzzwords noted down. 

We are so excited to see where this Industry Immersion could go in the future. Thank you to Holmesglen and STK Education for their work in delivering this meaningful learning experience.

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