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Design + Deliver: Teacher Professional Development

Design + Deliver sessions have begun for 2023, supporting our partner school teachers to deliver pre-work to students before they arrive at Monash Tech School.

As onsite programs begin again in 2023, so do our teacher professional development sessions aptly titled Design + Deliver. These sessions run alongside our Supercities program, providing partner school teachers with all the support they need to deliver the prescribed pre-work to students.

Our Supercities program uses a design thinking model to guide students through the creation of a bespoke solution to a problem they identify in their community. With Supercities being a one-day program, everyone is keen to explore emerging tech as soon as the students arrive. In order to facilitate this hands-on approach, partner school teachers deliver a series of activities to students before they arrive at Monash Tech School. Focusing on the design thinking stages of Research and Empathy, students consider what it feels like to be a citizen of Monash, and they start to understand the considerations and ethical implications of Urban Planning and Machine Learning Technologies. When the students begin the on-site component of the Supercities program with this prior knowledge, they can quickly understand how the technologies we have available to them, including Augmented Reality, Machine Vision and Automated Robotics, can come together to help solve their identified problems.

Our Design + Deliver online sessions are supplemented by various resources to support partner school teachers in delivering this important pre-work. Annotated slide decks, speaker notes and accompanying lesson plans are all made available to increase teacher confidence in the delivery of STEM content.

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