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MTS Tech in Physical Education

Throughout 2023 South Oakleigh College has been using high-tech Catapult athlete monitoring devices on loan from Monash Tech School in their Physical Education classes.

With so much technology on hand here at Monash Tech School, we are always looking for new and exciting ways for our Partner Schools students to use everything we have to offer. Throughout 2023, South Oakleigh College has been using our high-tech Catapult athlete monitoring devices in their Physical Education classes.

The Catapult pods, which are also worn by professional athletes in clubs such as Chelsea Football Club, use precise 10Hz GPS technology to collect 10 data points about players every second. The Pods track all sorts of metrics like, distance, speed, load, work ratio, acceleration, impacts and position. This data allows students to see a full picture of their performance and reflect on players’ positions throughout a game.

Students in the Year 10 Human Movement class have been observing their movements in Handball. This made it easier for teachers to give feedback to students and helped them in setting goals for the future that were more targeted and specific. Students in VCE P.E also used the devices to help with assessments that involved collecting data and analysing data from players.

When asked about their experience with using the Catapult Pods, teachers from South Oakleigh had the following to say:

“It was great for students to push themselves, and they enjoyed checking out max speed and working out acceleration.”

“As a teacher it was particularly helpful for electives and VCE P.E. where there are a lot of questions around collecting and using data to improve performance.”

South Oakleigh teachers look forward to using the Pods in the future at the start and end of units so students can compare movement and speed, as well as set goals.

Stay tuned for more news about Tech Loans in 2024.

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