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New Tech Inclusions

In 2022, the Monash Tech School team worked to include multiple new technologies into current and developing programs.


With the arrival of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, Monash Tech School was able to explore rich methods of virtual communication via mixed reality. Students are introduced to this future technology through the Superspace Communications station. The headsets allow them to have holographic calls overlaid in their field of view, increasing their ability to solve tasks at hand.

Motion Capture

Staff and students this year have had the opportunity to test Motion Capture technology. The Rokoko Smart suits have enabled MTS to explore character animation pipelines, delving into the film and gaming industry. As part of the John Monash Science Fair, students captured the motion of their own body to animate a 3D character.


This year MTS has been lucky to acquire 1 DrawBot, with 29 to follow. Developed by SensiLab, a DrawBot is a programmable robot centred around a pen and allows creative coders to output physical art with both curves and sharp corners.

The Drawbot was showcased at the Monash Maker Faire and programmed with a generative algorithm that determined what sections of code would be expressed depending on whether or not the patrons liked the previous drawing completed by the robot.

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