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Our Bespoke Creations

In 2022, the Monash Tech School team worked to design and develop innovative creations that complement our STEM programs.

Communiscape Boxes

With the rollout of the Superspace program, the Tech Team designed and developed portable escape boxes as part of the communications station. Constructed with laser-cut acrylic and 3D-printed elements, the boxes were programmed using Arduino microcontrollers and other electrical components. This solution enables a hands-on, enriched experience that students complete in pairs through HoloLens communication.

Virtual Microscopy

In an effort to increase access to biological science and imagery without the prohibitive cost, MTS has developed a virtual microscopy solution. This allows students to use a computer coupled with a custom-made, physical slide control interface to explore the cells, tissues and organs.


An algae photobioreactor was designed and built this year to support the Superfoods core program. Growth tanks are comprised of 6, steampunk-esque 1m long, 100mm diameter tubes, enticing students while peristaltic pumps and central lighting creates an environment to maximise algae production. The algae produced is then utilised by students when creating their own bioreactors.

EMG Exoskeletons

This year MTS explored exoskeletons. These designs included distance sensors, electromyography-powered wipers for sunglasses, and finally, EMG-powered arms. In utilising 3D printed components, Arduino microcontrollers and Myoware muscle sensors, students participating in the Superspace program can explore what it would feel like to control devices with their own muscular action potential.

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