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Sharing the Superhuman experience with Glenallen

We were recently invited to visit the Glenallen School to deliver our updated Special Needs Superhumans program. This was our third engagement of the year with the school. 

During this visit, students had the opportunity to use a range of new resources and technologies, such as the Merge Cube and Curiscope T-Shirt. These technologies use augmented reality to provide students with an unparalleled perspective of the human body. When viewed through a smart device, the Merge Cube transforms into a human body, which allows you to explore different parts of the human anatomy. Similarly, the Curiscope T-Shirt reveals an interior view of the human body, which can only be seen when viewed through an iPad. With the use of these technologies, the students were able to learn about the structure of the different body systems and their function.

To expand on student understanding of the human body, we also introduced them to technologies that could improve health. This included wearables devices, such as FitsBits and Smart Watches, which measures heart rates and step counts. To design the basic part of a watch the students used a Circuit Scribe Kit, which is a technology that allows students to build electronics with special pen ink, rather than wires. To enhance the students' watch design further, Little Bits circuits were used. This is a form of electronics that allows students to build sensors that could detect a person's temperature. 

The students were intrigued and fascinated by the technologies that allowed them to look inside the human body. They were also excited to see their watch prototypes come alive. The Monash Tech School staff had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the future engagements that we will have with Glenallen School.

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