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STEM Modules are for Specialist Partner Schools!

Monash Tech School is excited to be leading the ‘Enhancing Access for Specialist Schools Communities project’ (EASSC). This project enhances and promotes the use of Design Thinking skills, STEM teaching, and student learning in specialist school settings. Victoria’s new Tech Schools will assist in the delivery of this multifaceted project that combines Victoria’s Economic Sectors and the Victorian Curriculum (Levels A to1). Thirty (30) ready to use STEM modules and professional development resources will be produced by the end of the project and launched later this year. 

During our testing phase of the modules, we had the opportunity to visit two of our partner schools. On the 11th of March, we visited Monash Special Developmental School. The students had a wonderful time exploring the science of colour using coding and robotics. Students were able to mix and create new secondary colours by driving Spheros through the primary colour paint. A student from the Senior section of the school said “It was really good. I liked it.”

We also travelled to Ashwood School to test our module that relates autonomous vehicles. To create their own vehicle, students were given a box template to construct and then fit onto their Cubetto robot. They then used craft materials and Strawbees to design the outside of their autonomous vehicle. The students were excited to drive their autonomous vehicles using the Cubetto coding pad. They enjoyed this easy and tactile form of programming. 

Student story from Ashwood:

“It was really lovely how they came to our school to show us their equipment. It was really interesting how the robot moved. I think more schools should get involved with Monash Tech. It’s good how it’s hands on and everyone was helping each other. There was lots of teamwork. I enjoyed meeting Tori and Janelle. They were lovely people. It was a great experience for everyone.”

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