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Supercities: Designing solutions for smarter cities

The Supercities program sees students explore how technology can be used to improve their local community. During the pre-work delivered at school, students identify the needs of their community by completing an empathy activity.

At the Tech School, students explore Augmented Reality, Automated Robotics and Machine Vision. Using our custom-designed AR app, students design buildings focusing on housing availability, employment, social spaces and sustainability. The custom app then stitches these buildings together to form a city showcasing the students’ work. To gain an understanding of Automated Robotics, students program Sphero RVR robots to complete tasks. Students also design and test a Machine Vision prototype using Google’s Teachable Machine.

Students apply their knowledge of AR, Automated Robotics and Machine Vision by working in groups to plan a prototype product designed to improve their community. Students then pitch this idea to their peers by creating a storyboard of an infomercial for their product.

In 2022, Year 8 students from Wheelers Hill SC, Glen Waverley SC, Mount Waverley SC, South Oakleigh SC and Ashwood High School completed the Supercities program.

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