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Supercities Wrap Up for 2023

As we finish off Term 1, we also say a farewell to our 2023 Supercities onsite program. This term, we had a total of 553 students from three partner schools attend Supercities.

Building off work completed at school, students used Design Thinking to solve problems that they identified within their communities. Students thought of a variety of issues, from unsafe traffic conditions to overgrown trees. With their problems in mind, students experienced three different technologies to assist them in forming a solution.

In the Machine Vision rotation, students learnt how to train machines to recognise and categorise information. Students then used a Lego scene of their problem to test their Machine Vision prototypes. Automated Robotics gave students the opportunity to program a Sphero RVR with commands to make processes more efficient and safer. In the Augmented Reality rotation, students become Urban Planners, building their own multifunctional spaces in our custom AR app. After creating multiple buildings as a team, students were able to view their cities in real life.

Following these rotations, students shared their ideas on how to combine the three technologies together to create a new product to solve the problem that they identified. With creativity and inspiration flowing, students were able to produce and pitch ideas for many new products and services; from robots that can detect, pick up and sort rubbish to using AR to create more social and religious spaces. With some great infomercial-like pitches by some budding actors, students were all thoroughly entertained by their classmates.

It has been fantastic to see such a wide range of innovations within our latest cohort as we waved goodbye to onsite Supercities for 2023. While the program will be missed by the team, we are excited to begin delivering Supercyber in Term 2; empowering students with skills and knowledge to take on the increasingly cyber-dependant world we live in.

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