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Superskills: A Remote and Virtual Initiative

Superskills are designed to be experienced as a series of live-online modules that support students to explore new industry sectors, connect them to different jobs of the future, and inspire them to engage with STEM-rich subjects and pathways.

The current list of curriculum aligned modules includes:

  • Automation Anomaly Analyst

  • Biomimicry Engineer

  • Bioprinting Engineer

  • Cyborg Psychologist

  • Decision Support Worker

  • De-Extinction Geneticist

  • Drone Aerospace Regulator

  • Entomicrobiotech Cleaner

  • Flood Control Engineer

  • Gamification Designer

  • Offworld Habitat Designer

  • Weather Control Engineer

In 2022, Superskills modules were successfully delivered to 3 schools across the Glen Eira and Kingston Areas. Students that participated felt that the sessions were well taught (74%) and engaging (64%). Excitingly 69% of students would recommend the module they tried to a friend.

In 2023, Superskills modules will be available on ARC for bookings, opening their reach to all government secondary schools in Victoria. We encourage teachers to familiarise themselves with Monash Tech Schools ARC page in the coming months and book their students into modules that they find would supplement their classroom teaching.

A more tailored Superskills offering, including different modules or different timings, can be arranged by contacting Monash Tech School directly.

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