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Sustainable Solutions Shine at Pitch 2 Panel

We kicked off Term 3 with the third edition of our annual Pitch 2 Panel. John Monash Science School (JMSS) Year 10 students brought their best presentation skills and most sustainable solutions to a panel of industry experts.

All Year 10 students at JMSS worked in class to envision and implement solutions to a simulated city's unique social, economic and environmental challenges. Students then brought their ideas to life by modelling proposed solutions using Minecraft for Education. After the teams presented to their peers, 37 students from 8 teams were voted the winning teams and selected by their peers to participate in Pitch 2 Panel.

These teams brought their passionate and innovative ideas to the amphitheatre-style stairs of the Woodside Building for Technology and Design to present to an industry panel and audience. The panel consisted of Associate Professor Megan Farrelly, the Interim Head of the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, and Jordan Lim, DigiTech Coordinator at Monash Tech School.

The students rose to the occasion and presented their well-thought-out presentations with passion and professionalism. Students were responsive to the panel's feedback and were well-equipped to answer questions and further explain their sustainable solutions.

The presentations impressed the panel, attending parents and organising staff alike.

"This is such a valuable opportunity to see how the next generation is engaging in some complex socio-technical issues." - Megan Farrelly.

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