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Tech Fest: NGV Design Week

On the 20th of March, several Year 9 students (Amelia, Oscar, Sarah, Sara, Edy and Lachlan) were given the opportunity to go to the National Gallery of Victoria for the day.

The trip consisted of learning about electronic waste and how we can recycle it, taking apart old laptops and brainstorming ideas of products the parts could be made into, talks about the new Tech Schools and finally a tour of some of the Triennial Gallery.

The day was a part of Tech Fest and focused heavily on STEM and Victoria’s Tech Schools.

We worked in groups to deconstruct laptops and find different components within them. We discussed what we observed and came up with different ideas for products that could be made out of recycled materials from the laptops. Some of our ideas were jewellery and cuff links made from the keys. Then we pitched our ideas to one of the other schools there.

We toured some of the gallery and were taught about different artists and artwork that were created from recycled technology. The artwork made from recycled materials were a table and office set. Each piece had incorporated different parts of the waste they were made of into the design.

During the tour of the Triennial Gallery we viewed various artworks. Some were visual, others were auditory and one was olfactory. There were many different pieces that related to various cultures and ideas.

We are very thankful that we had the opportunity to attend the day. It taught us a lot about electronic waste and what we can do to combat it. Everyone really enjoyed learning about the issue and seeing different pieces of art within the Triennial Exhibit.

written by Wheelers Hill Secondary School

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