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The most beneficial and rewarding placement of my teaching qualification

Over the past 2 weeks, we've had our first ever round of Pre-Service Teachers from Monash University. As they finish up their placement, Jess, wrote a blog piece on her experience at the Tech School.

During my time at the Monash Tech School I have been lucky enough to be exposed to a discipline and framework that is outside of my own expertise. Whilst this concept was initially intimidating it has been the most beneficial and rewarding placement of my teaching qualification. The skills that I have learnt during my time at the school are some that I will continue to use throughout my career, and also hope to impart to my future students.

Being given the opportunity to work with the Design Thinking Process to facilitate students and allow them to problem solve and critically think, as well as develop collaborative skills has been evident during the three weeks of placement. The facilitation process of these skills and being allowed to help students develop them has illustrated the importance to me, as a pre-service teacher, of growing these skills in my future classroom.

Furthermore being encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary unit plan with other pre-service teachers has helped me to evolve an understanding of the importance of collaboration and communication with other teachers especially those from different disciplines.

I would like to take the time to thank the Monash Tech School for welcoming us during our placement and for being generous enough to allow us to have the same experience with the advanced technologies that the students have.

Written by Jessica Rowland

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