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Young Change Agents Coronavirus Challenge

During the coronavirus isolation period MTS, partnered with Wellington Secondary College and Young change agents to run a full class design thinking project. Students worked to solve community issues relating to Covid19 and isolation through social entrepreneurship. From this event, the yoUth team was selected alongside 50 other students from across the state to continue to round two, where they worked with mentors from Telstra to refine their project. They confidently and skillfully presented their amazing project in front of the panel and crowd.

Christina, Helena, Julia, and Thuy worked together to create “yoUth”. It is a non-profit campaign that aims to support young people struggling with mental health (specifically depression and anxiety. The capitalisation of “U” represents their slogan “where YOU matter most”. Their website features a Q&A section that provides advice for questions that many young people struggle with, and a survey that gathers information about what someone is struggling with to direct them towards the appropriate resources. Their hope is that a website like this could help young people who no longer have access to support networks due to our current state of isolation.

It has been a delight to work with Wellington over the past few months, and amazing to see the growth of the students and the depth of thought and compassion that they have put into their projects.

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