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Superspace Program Showcase

Whilst Victoria's Space Industry is in its infancy, it utilises expertise within the Monash precinct. Students learn about what goes into making a space suit and develop a prototype for an interstellar mission.

Design Thinking

Students use the design thinking process to explore and make choices about elements to include in their space suit prototypes for the needs of their particular space missions.

The desire to explore space is discussed, centering on global and local operations contributing to the space exploration industry. The students are then given the framework in which to develop their space suits, and embark upon rotations through six space-suit elements. This process utilises the double-diamond design thinking framework which champions iteration and the exploration of concepts to inform those decisions. The students start by familiarising themselves with their mission briefs which inform their choices of components which may change as they are taken through the design thinking process.


Industry-grade technologies are used to build an understanding of space suit elements such as communications, functionality augmentations and material properties.

Various technologies are utilised to engage the students in their exploration of the six space suit elements. The importance of communications is highlighted with the use of Hololens headsets which are paired with an interactive escape box created by Monash Tech School.

FTIR and XRF spectrophotometers are utilised to demonstrate how samples can be analysed to make important decisions during a space mission.

Exoskeleton components are also explored. Students consider what functionality augmentations might be needed for their space mission and experience how a space person would control these components with EMG technology.

Students use 3D scanned and printed Space People prototype figurines and components (also created by Monash Tech School) to present their ideas in a physical prototype.

Special Education Modules

Four modules that provide students from Special Education settings with access to the concepts and technologies explored in the Superspace program are available for download.

The concepts of space exploration and associated technologies and services are explored in the modules available for download on this website. These modules are: i) Exploring a Martian Landscape, ii) 3D Planets, iii) Autonomous Vehicle Design, iv) Build Electronic Circuits.

Teachers can mix-and-match concepts that scaffold parts of the curriculum depending on the technologies available at their school.

Connection to Industry Pathways

The Superspace program highlights the involvement of research institutes and industry within the Monash area and Victoria in the development of space technology.

Students are informed of initiatives such as NASA’s Moon to Mars Initiative and presented with TAFE and university pathways that result in employment in a range of industries such as fabrication, software development and engineering and design. They are also provided with meaningful opportunities to engage with activities that build on the knowledge and experience within the program.

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