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Are we ready for Humans 2.0?

The National Science Week Event titled Humans 2.0, brought together different STEM enthusiasts and allowed them to participate in a one of a kind symposium. It encouraged attendees to bring their own perspectives on what the evolution of the human might mean and throughout the evening presented opportunities to internalise new technology experiences.

Humans 2.0 allowed start-ups to use emerging technologies as opportunities for publicity. Some even trialled new products and services on the crowd.

While a few exhibitors presented their vision for utopia, the MCs acted as provocateurs and infused a healthy dose of dystopian concern.

Demonstrations included bionic hands, Virtual Reality, and AI that interfaced with the human brain. These exhibits encouraged the idea that Humans 2.0 will generate infinite possibilities and solutions for our civilisation.

This concept presented many challenges. For example, the challenge to educate the community is urgent; such as the need to expose young learners to the new technology trends. The curriculum appears to lag in the adoption of new tech trends, partly due to issues of funding, existing community values and professional development.

Schools have been a mirror of society in the past, but in this era, might school be the vanguard that embraces new trends and a place to try out new ideas?

What role do Victoria’s Tech Schools have in this space?

Written by Monash Tech School with contributions from Ben You.

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